Conor Collins – Active Release Therapy

Conor has a passion for sport, athletes and injuries. Since beginning clinical practice he has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of athletic populations. He has attended events such as the world judo championships, BMX bike shows and national level trampoline and tumbling.
Conor is in his 5th year instructing in manual therapy and exercise education. It is a fabulous challenge, as it keeps him on top of current research and trends. Although a lot of work, he enjoys teaching difficult concepts in ways that students easily understand.
Conor has worked with Olympians, professionals and weekend warriors. For him every injury is unique and he loves the challenge of finding the cause and treating the cause. For him there is nothing more gratifying than fixing an injury and improving performance.

While not in clinical practice Conor writes for a variety of outlets including newspapers, online newletters and magazines. He is also available for presentations on topics ranging from injury prevention to rehabilitation and performance.