These Are Real Cases of Fraud in Orthotics!

Cases of Fraud in Orthotics


Case study #1: “Shoe Modifications”

A practitioner charged this patient $640 for a “modified orthopaedic shoe”.Shoe Modification

Shoe medial arch support = $260.00

Toe box stretching =$140.00

Heel reinforcement = $120.00

Ecco Shoe = $120.00

Grand Total= $640.00

The Ecco shoe was priced accurately at $120.00. The stick-on arch pad (light blue in the picture) costs $1.00 and neither the toe box stretching nor the heel reinforcement were actually performed. The true cost of the shoe with “modifications” was around $130.00 representing a $510.00 up-charge.

This type of fraud was intentional deception on the part of the practitioner, likely because the thought the patient’s insurance company wouldn’t question the charges.



Case #2: Custom-made orthotic

Custom Made orthoses

This family paid $450.00 for what they were told were custom-made orthotics (beige orthotic in the foreground).

After 3-months of continuing to play soccer with this “orthotics”, the 15- year old developed tibial stress fractures and sought a second opinion. The original “orthotics” were cut out a piece of 3mm rubber in the shape of the young man’s soccer shoe liner and placed into his shoes.

The real custom-made foot orthotic (black one in the background) illustrates what was missing in the first…

This practitioner’s negligence resulted in a child playing soccer with the tibial stress fractures and the family was grossly overcharged for a piece of rubber.


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