Frequently Asked Questions:1.    Your name is Foot-Knee-Back Clinic. Do you treat other areas?
Indeed we do…the whole body in fact.
The clinic began 15 years ago with a foot specialist and a chiropractor so the scope was limited then, but not now. We simply did not change the name because of our great reputation within the medical community.

2.    How are you different than other clinics?
Depending upon the comparison the answer changes from “a lot” to “a little”…but mostly “a lot!”
a.    We are the most established rehabilitation clinic in Ancaster. That means we’re likely to be here the next time you look as well.
b.    We’re privately owned so there are no prescribed methods for running our office like a franchise. We strongly believe in getting to know the patient so one-on-one interaction is important.
c.    What we have managed to do is attract “the best of breed” in each discipline. From the physiotherapist for McMaster University’s varsity athletes to an orthotic expert with published research and a chiropractor who played professional basketball and an ART specialist who teaches at the local college…that’s our tribe of experts. We don’t claim to know everything. We claim to have one professional in each field who knows an awful lot!

3.    Do I need a medical doctor’s prescription to see a therapist at your clinic?
No and yes.
No, because we are all primary health care providers, regulated under the RHPA and governed by a professional college.
Yes because you may need a prescription to satisfy your extended health plan requirements if stipulated in your plan.

4.    Who should I see at the clinic? Some practitioners seem to do the same thing.
Speak with Tracy or Deanne at the front desk. They know practitioner availability and specialties and will place you with the right person.

5.    Do you treat children?
Of course! Early diagnosis and treatment is a key factor in maintaining developmental health.

6.    Do you take MVA and WSIB?
Yes. Please arrive with the proper documentation and we’re good to go!

7.    Does acupuncture hurt?
Rarely…so rarely that we haven’t had anyone report an issue at this clinic in the 15 years and 5 practitioners who are certified to provide acupuncture treatment. It happens but it’s “rarer than hens’ teeth”!

8.    Are all foot orthotics the same?
We wish that were the case but it’s not. There are huge differences in the quality of workmanship, research, techniques and providers who dispense foot orthoses. It’s as frustrating for us as it is for the public that the regulations surrounding foot orthoses are so loose. Refer to Dr. Trotter’s article called “7 Secrets of the Orthotic Industry” if you want the full scoop on the foot orthotic industry.

9. What are the costs of each treatment at the clinic?
Foot Orthoses- initial Assessment $50, orthoses $450
Physiotherapy- initial assessment $85, subsequent $60
Chiropractic -initial assessment-$75, subsequent $40
ART- initial $85, subsequent $60
Therapeutic Massage – 1 hour $85, 45 min $70, 30 min $60
Naturopathy – initial assessment $169.50, second visit $85.05, subsequent visit $73.75

10. Do you do direct billing to insurers?
That depends on your insurance company. Some insurers allow direct billing, others do not. We will accommodate where your plan allows.