Leslie Trotter – Orthotics

Leslie Trotter is passionate about feet and how to keep them a functional part of human posture and performance.From her first courses in “human gait biomechanics” at University of Guelph to dissection of cadavers at CMCC, she has always been fascinated with foot function.

She certified as a pedorthist in 1995 and began her own orthotics laboratory. Obtaining her MBA from Wilfrid Laureier University in 1997, she has since used her formal business education to consult for a variety of companies in the orthotics and knee bracing industry. Leslie also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC). Her 22 years of experience with the foot orthotic industry has lead to consulting with several insurance companies in the area of orthotic fraud.

In 2004 she commenced clinical research studies at McMaster University and investigated casting protocols and methods of measuring treatment outcomes, comparing true custom-made foot orthoses and prefabricated shoe inserts. Her Master of Science training resulted in 3 original research publications.  Research between Leslie and McMaster University continues with plans for annual trials using foot orthotics.

In addition to her involvement in the orthotic industry, Leslie is a fitness fanatic.

She has been involved in a variety of athletic activities (weight training, swimming, triathlon) participating in international competitions (Strength-Endurance World Champion in 2000).



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